Our Stores

Our factory is located in a city famous for its water wheels, which is called Hama...
Although the factory is for children's wear, our capabilities extend beyond children's clothing. The factory and its surrounding property take up 1500m squared. HADI employees 115 people uses 54 machines and produces approximately 150.000 -250.000 articles per year. The factory is fully equipped with the latest technological advancement in the ready-made garment industry. HADI relies on the new computerized system for designing and controlling the process of production.

Operations in the factory are managed by total quality management methods to always reduce production lead times, and improve customer’s satisfaction...


Branch (1) Ibn Al-Rshed, Tel: 033 520982
Branch (2) City Center, Tel: 033 211350
Branch (3) Family Center , Tel: 033 310001


Market Al Naoura, Versus Chamber of Commerce
Tel: 031 2238377


Market traders, Versus School Alklyeh
Tel: 041 452324


Mashbakeh, Al wehdeh Street Versus Danial Hotel
Tel: 043 315883


Versus the ancient Church
Tel: 033 4730372


Rimas Mall


Main Street
Tel: 043 525990


Boustan Ghanoom, Alandalus street
Tel: 023 239597

Our customer can visit our showroom in the head office in Hama or in Damascus office:


Tel: +963 33 2326700/2326800
Fax: +963 33 2323700
P.O.Box: 252 Hama \ Syria


Tel: +963 11 5326262
TeleFax: +963 11 5327272
E-mail: hadi.co1@hotmail.com