Our Products

We have a lot of trademarks in our production line:



(Hadi) is the general and main trademark in our company and it has a big range of ages from one year to fourteen years but. we also try to be specific in our covering to the customer need and want therefore we generate a new trademark specialized in babies wants which is mybaby, (My Baby) cover small range which is from new born to three years.


Get a big market share is big deal for us so decided to enter the low cost market

so we produce kids park (kids Park) low-cost trademark with introducing a good level of quality. If we talk about our continuous following up the fashion and latest trend in vogue weLaunching another trademark which is orange , this brand we introduced with its full accessories and latest fashionable designs for girls and boys also.


All of the last three trademarks are made in the last a few years from our hard striving to our customer being satisfied.